Sofia Hayat turns into a nun, removes breast implants

Ex Big Boss contestant, Sofia Hayat has come out as a nun in a recent press conference. The glamorous diva went ahead elaborataing her choice of this lifestyle, factors which made her become a nun and how she plans to live with this spiritually driven decision.

Sofia Hayat turns into a nun, removes breast implants

Bollywood always has something to offer which sometimes comes across as a shock to many. Sometimes, the incidents are not only shocking but make the viewers go in a state of deep thoughts. Ex Big Boss contestant, Sofia Hayat has made it to the headlines by coming out as a nun.

The glamorous diva who has represented boldness and sex appeal in her bold movies, photo-shoots and her sexy image has now decided to give up the glamorous identity and has turned into a nun.

Yes, the person who was earlier known as Sofia Hayat is now known as Gaia Sofia, and all of this came to the media in an unexpected manner when things were spoken by her at a press conference.

Sofia Hayat also went ahead by displaying, the removed silicon implants and justifying her transformation by showing the implants removed from her breasts. Sofia who had earlier undergone several such surgeries to enhance her features got the implants removed two weeks back through a surgery.

"I am the incarnation of Quan Yin, Female Christ, Mary and Goddess Isis. I am the Mother and daughter of God of the Holy Trinity. I want to spread the truth of who we are and what is our purpose in life is. It is time to wake up and live the truth.", Sofia Hayat said in a press conference earlier.

She also made emphasis on the fact that her body doesn't seek out for physical needs anymore.

"I have not had sex after July 2015 as I didn't feel like. I was in a relationship earlier but I didn't feel the urge to get physical. That's when I understood sex should be considered as sacred. However, when it is enjoyed without love and respect it exhausts the life force and turns us into mere physical beings. I was born Muslim and converted into Christian.," she told.