Sumukh Mehta, who applied for GQ with a GQ magazine themed resume and got recruited without an interview

In an era where job competence seems to be at a height way beyond general qualifications and achievements, a necessity to stand out from the general standard has developed in the society which makes a person's approach more valued and appreciated. This guy, Sumukh Mehta, applied for GQ with a GQ theme based magazine resume and gets recruited at the British GQ Office in style without even an interview.

Sumukh Mehta, who applied for GQ with a GQ magazine themed resume and got recruited without an interview

In a world where, companies are flooded with resumes every day to such an extent that dumping them without a single look on any of them becomes the savior for the companies.

Considering the increment in terms of job aspirants, the competition gets tight on so many levels.

Companies have to go through your CVs first, if liked by them they might call you, if they might call you, you have to undergo so many recruitment rounds stretching from personal interviews to group discussions to aptitude tests to subjective topics.

By the time you actually bag the job, in your head you are like, "I am too tired for life already."

How often to do you see someone, whose style of approach is so differently impressive for a job that the aspirant gets recruited without an interview just on the mere basis of application?

Well, we have a winner here.

Sumukh Mehta is the name.

Sumukh Mehta, after the completion of nearly 160 successful resumes for MBA graduates fused with his own unique style of infographics, decided to keep his resume production venture of ' Your Pitch' to hold, by creating one resume for himself which got him that one job.

Sumukh Mehta applied for the designation of Marketing Head at GQ Magazine, and the course of his approach was so stylish, creative and outreaching in its own way that the guy got the job unlike the many other applicants who could have got it, if it hadn't been for Sumukh's application.

Sumukh Mehta just gave his resume a presentation style which looked exactly like a GQ Magazine and saved the time, energy and nervousness of many interview processes.

His 50 page resume consisted of his objectives, career aims, passion, creativity and hobbies and stuns the recruitment team like a boss!


People like Sumukh Mehta surely laed by example that standing out from a crowd of people surely gives off a charming and exceptional outlook of a person's personality.

And it might make you the Marketing Head of GQ Magazine, London!