The Surf Excel Pakistan Ramadan ad which is trending beyond borders

It is not a surprise that as a nation when it comes to appreciation of initiatives and social messages, India has always projected itself by appreciating the good things coming around from the world and this Surf Excel ad coming from the other side of the border defines a dimension of adorableness.

The Surf Excel Pakistan Ramadan ad which is trending beyond borders

Surf Excel Pakistan has come up with a heart touching ad which is making the crowd on both sides of the border go in a state of awe. The super cute kid in the ad and his gesture of helping out the old samosa and jalebi vendor is endearing on so many levels, that it imparts a sense of prevailing goodwill and humanity in the people watching the ad and we guess, that is the sole reason why this ad has reached out to so many people.

The ad comes as a campaign which has been brought into effect in the month of Ramadan by Surf Excel Pakistan.

The whole set up is shown like a Ramadan charged atmosphere with people roaming around in a market, shopping and eating after the evening call of prayer (Maghrib) when this small child (all tidily dressed) who just caught up with his friends, spots an old samosa and jalebi
vendor whose vending cart breaks down and this boy along with his friends marches towards the cart and starts picking up and placing the samosas in the fold of his kameez and marches outside in the sight of the main crowd with the samosas and starts selling them. His friends accompany him and in no time saves the poor old man from the problems of the breakdown of the cart at such an important time of business.

But in the process the boy spoils his clothes in stains of oil and chutney and on being spotted by his mother, receives a smile because of the noble act of helping which he selflessly did which also sums up the definition of Ramadan which is the Holy month of worshiping and improving as humans, and helping others is considered to be a kind of worship is the essence of the ad which compliments the beauty of the month of Ramadan.

"Helping someone is also an act of faith. And if your clothes get stained while helping someone, then stains are good."

Watch the ad here :

Surf Excel Ramazan 2016 | #madadekibadat