Swamy targets Arvind Subramanian, Arun Jaitley says he has full confidence in Aravind

BJP MP asks the government to sack Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian through a series of tweets

Swamy targets Arvind Subramanian,  Arun Jaitley says he has full confidence in Aravind

After Raghuram Rajan has announced that he wont be available for the second term as the RBI governor, and BJP MP  Subramanian Swamy taking credit for this decision, the belligerent leader is now out to oust the Economic Adviser at the Finance Ministry, Arvind Subramanian.  Swamy's  vitriolic campaign against Arvind Subramanian started at time when reports were coming out suggesting that he may succeed Raghuram Rajan as the RBI governor.

In a number of tweets Swamy asked the government to sack Arvind Subramanian. Citing news paper reports he said Arvind Subramanian  suggested  US to take action against India through WTO on Intellectual Property Rights issue in Pharmaceutical sector.

He also accused Subramanin as having an hand in Congress's unrelenting stand on GST bill.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that Subramanian Swamy's real target is not
Subramanian but finance minister Arun Jaitley . Swamy has earlier accused Raghuram Rajan  that his monetary policy is wrecking Indian economy.

Reacting to the statements of Subramanian Swamy, finance minister Arun Jaitely has said he full confidence in Aravind Subramanian. He also refuted charges that the government has not reined in Swamy when he made comments against Raghuram Rajan.  He said the leaders of  his party has classified Swamy's statement as personal.

He also charged that Rajan is not fully Indian.

Both Rajan and Arvind Subramanian has associated with International Monetary Fund.

A Bloomberg News survey has found that Arvind Subramanian as the most likely person to succeed Rajan as the next RBI governor