The face behind Amazon, Blue Origin & The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin launched and landed a reusable rocket for the fourth time on Sunday (June 19). Blue Origin's unmanned New Shepard rocket and space capsule launched into the clear sky carrying its crew capsule into suborbital space before both crafts returned to Earth in separate landings.

The face behind Amazon, Blue Origin & The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin has accomplished the launching and landing of a reusable rocket for the fourth time, with the typically secretive private spaceflight company making its first-ever live webcast of a test flight during the successful mission.

But talking in terms of business and entrepreneurship strategies, the ideas and ambitions involved in raising this company's bar surely goes to the business symbol, Jeff Bezos.

We know Jeff Bezos as a technology business icon who has transformed the game of business transaction with his ideas and highly innovative approach.

Jeff Bezos has proved his mettle in the business industry by imparting a style of business in the market. Who thought we would be shopping online, ordering books, clothes, shoes etc. from a website? This man thought about it and made it a reality with his online commerce venture
, which as of today is the largest online retailer on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Jeff Bezos' business approach has been multi dimensional and him being a reservoir of talent and capability made him mark his presence like a boss.

Bezos' business interests also comprise of aerospace technology and newspaper publishing.

Rewinding the reel back to the year 2000, Jeff Bezos laid the foundation founded
Blue Origin
, which is a human spaceflight startup venture which had its identity secretly kept till 2006 mostly because of the spellbinding motives and ambitions involved in this business design starting from the development of actual space travel to set up of space hotels, amusement parks, colonies and even setting up of small cities for a population of 2 million or 3 million people which will be revolving around the orbit of the Earth. Talking about the early secretive nature of the Blue Origin, it appeared to the public knowledge in the year 2006 after the purchase a sizable area of land to conduct the research, development and test facility of spacecrafts in Texas.

Jeff Bezos has earlier expressed in interviews the ambition of evolving this company to such an extent that "space travelling" would become a thing for any normal person and at the same time expressed the company's aim to decrease the expenditures involved in space flight and at the same time raising the standard of flight safety.

Apart from the aerospace venture, Jeff Bezos also accomplished the task of buying The Washington Post for a whopping price of $250 Million.

Talking in monetary numbers, as of June 2016, Jeff Bezos' personal wealth is estimated to be $63.3 billion, due in part to a recent spike in Amazon's stock price, ranking him 4th on the Forbes list of Billionaires.