'The Voice' fame singer Christina Grimmie dies after being shot in Orlando

The singer was a former participant in a singing based reality show, 'The Voice', and was shot dead on Friday night after the completion of her concert which was held in Orlando. She was shot by a man after the concert while signing autographs. She was just 22 years old.

Christina Grimmie, was a former participant in 'The Voice' had one of her concerts in Orlando where she was shot on Friday night after her performance.

The Orlando Police has also confirmed that the man who shot Christina, shot himself soon after being tackled by Grimmie's brother.

The gunman's identity has not been revealed as yet.

The 22 year-old singing sensation was associated with a band called Before you Exit

, and after the band's performance she got down to sign autographs for her fans and after nearly 30 minutes the gunman approached her and shot her, said the Orlando Police.

Grimmie's brother immediately went ahead and tackled the gunman, during which the gunman shot himself. The gunman was declared dead at the very spot.

Christina Grimmie, who was 22 years old, was fatally shot at the concert when she was admitted in a hospital. Later on in the hospital, she was declared dead.

The fact that Grimmie's brother had tackled and interrupted the whole situation saved the fans from any possible injury that could have been caused by the gunman.

Things falling apart so fast after a singing concert took everyone by shock, devastation and trauma.

The fans went ahead and expressed their grief for the singer and have paid condolences to the 22 year-old singer.

There were nearly 100 people who attended the concert, with no other people injured. It is still not clear how the gunman managed to sneak two guns in the venue and raises questions for the security checks made by the security staff concerned.

Christina Grimmie was actively tweeting about her performance before the show actually happened.

Christina Grimmie on Twitter

It is surely a sequence of unfortunate events that such a young girl who was just 22 years old, who had just started to enter the show business and who was so talented, was happened to be shot right after her performance and making her depart from this world.


Her fans and admirers paid their tributes to the singer on twitter.

Before You Exit⇞ on Twitter

This twitter account posted the last performance of the singer before she was shot and departed the world.

Shady Music News on Twitter