This is all you wanted to know about unique latest features of Apple announced in WWDC 2016

�Apple has been able to get away with this for so long is because it�s able to, every single year, position the latest iPhone as the new technological paradigm.�

This is all you wanted to know about unique latest features of Apple announced in WWDC 2016

The biggest surprise, way way bigger than Siri’s enhancements, was not part of the keynote and is totally unexpected. Apple announced their own brand new filesystem, APFS.

Think of it this way. If Apple puts a bad engineer working at the Podcast app, then the Podcast app crashes, skips episodes and inconveniences the user. On the other hand, if Apple puts a bad engineer to work on the kernel of the operating system, then the OS itself may crash, the devices reboots and you lose everything you were doing at the time, which is a big deal on a Mac and very inconvenient everywhere else. But if there’s a bug in the filesystem, the user loses everything: the hard drive comes down and with it you lose every single file.

That’s the reason why the current filesystem for every Apple device (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS) today is good, old HFS. Which was conceived in the Eighties and, frankly, was showing its age.

The biggest surprise has to be Apple’s whole-hearted embrace of third-party integrations on iOS. In a way, yes, it’s part of a longer shift, but the opening up of iOS to third-party devs signals the end of Apple’s famously closed ecosystem.

iOS 10

A new feature allows you to remove and delete built-in system apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch after the unveiling that's expected this fall. These apps include the calculator, calendar and compass among others.


Now open to outside developers, Siri will allow iPhone users to hail rides, publish photos, make a call on Skype or order pizzas using voice. Mac users, for the first time, can use voice to search for photos, documents and files.


Developers can incorporate apps into the iMessenger so users can do more — make payments or order take-out. Expect bigger emojis — quick-reply options, special animations such as pulsing lights or floating ballons.

Apple Music

Changes to the music-streaming service include a tab to publicise new music releases. Users will have access to a list of recent tracks and newly-added songs. Also in line is the 'Discovery Mix', a daily curated playlist.

Apple Pay

Using Apple's Safari browser on Macs, iPads or iPhones, one can buy items online with Apple Pay by swiping a finger across an iPhone sensor. The authentication can also be done with an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch's OS will be faster and better prepared for emergencies. There will be a new health app called Breathe — it reminds you breathe deeply. You can also scribble replies to messages on the Watch, in multiple languages.

Apple TV OS

The OS now has 6,000 apps. Users will automatically gain access to apps offered by the TV subscriptions. A new iPhone remote app will use Siri to control the TV.


That is not a typo — it's the new name for the Mac OS. Mac users with an Apple Watch can soon unlock their computers without a password. A Universal Clipboard will let users edit and copy from an iPhone or iPad and paste it in a Mac.

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