This is the best way to get Tinder matches to turn into Tinder date!

Watch your steps!

This is the best way to get Tinder matches to turn into Tinder date!

The challenge with Tinder is acquisition, specifically, relevant acquisition. Swipers are generally on a rampage, flicking left with ferocity, so you need something that will make them stop in their tracks.

That's either a gimmick, or something that defines your greatness. The gimmick will probably result in a screenshot of your profile and a laugh to their friends.

The greatness profile is exactly where you want to be. My experiment revolved around the 'ABC' of profile acquisition, conversion and retention.

  • Appearance Experimentation

  • Bio Experimentation

  • Chat Experimentation

For the Appearance,  carefully select six  best representations of your lifestyle, and proceeded to rotate these on a weekly basis:

  • Image Count: 6

  • Timeframe: 6 weeks

  • Image rotation: Weekly

  • Control: Selective 20 daily right swipes

  • KPI: Matches

Next,  change  Bio to include specific call-to-action elements that are relevant to  target audience. This included:

  • A pleasure-point for intellectual women

  • A teaser of what you do (to build intrigue)

  • Tickbox items of elements women tend to look for in a man

  • Asked for what type of women you like to be matched with

  • Supporting online assets

Thirdly, was the Chat, perhaps the single most important element, as this is what will land you a date. Although this wasn't necessarily an experiment

  • Tested opening lines by using compliments that don’t mention their physical appearance

  • Used chat-invoking questions (simple networking practices)

  • Used active listening and made the conversation about them

  • Interjected with witty banter where opportunities presented themselves

a) Start of with something that isn't too Generic or boring

b) Don't push for a meet up or a date, AS SOON as the conversation has begun (90% of guys do this), and you've barely found out any thing about her (what would she think you want to meet up with her for?.. qualify her a bit, tell her why you want to meet up)

c) Be clear in your intentions, and suggest you guys meet up some other time (one trick: say ' YOU WOULD suggest you meet up, but not sure she won't turn into a creepy stalker'; it flips the table, and 99% of the time has great results).

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