This RESTRICTED, addictive Facebook Messenger bot will kill your productivity and lets you talk to randos

Chatible is a Facebook bot that let's you chat with random people right inside of FB Messenger! It's anonymous so others won't see any of your information. Simply send us a message to get started!

This RESTRICTED, addictive Facebook Messenger bot will kill your productivity and lets you talk to randos

If yu fondly remember old-school messaging platforms like IRC and ICQ from when you were a kid, some 20 years ago. Stranger danger aside, it was fun to talk to people from around the world without ever having met before. And while we have loads of new tools for staying connected, it isn’t often that we chat one-on-one with someone we are not familiar with these days.

That’s why you should be  glad to stumble upon

Chatible today. It’s a simple bot for Facebook’s Messenger that connects you to another person anonymously, so you can get to chatting right away, with no preset agenda.

It’s really as simple as that. There are other apps like it, but better to drawn to Chatible simply because it works in Messenger, in which you already spend a fair amount of time and you are  familiar with the interface.

The app was featured on Product Hunt recently, so if you try it out now, you’ll likely find folks who discovered it on that site. That doesn’t detract from the experience in any way, of course.

Best of all, it wasn’t at all awkward like  other app bot  would be, given how wary we’ve become about sharing information online and being stalked or scammed unless we’re talking to people we know personally.

Granted, your mileage with it may vary and there’s no guarantee that you won’t come across jerks – but it is nice to just not have to worry about revealing your online profile to someone and simply enjoying a chat like  would at a bar in a new city.

Sadly, the Web can be a dangerous place, so it isn’t easy to recommend Chatible to everyone. The service also doesn’t vet users beforehand, so there’s no telling who’ll you be paired up with.

But if you’d like to rediscover the lost of art of chatting online with strangers, it’s as good a tool as any – only it’s ready to go as soon as you fire up Messenger. Give it a go and let us know how your conversation went in the comments, and don’t be surprised if you bump into me in a chat.