Top 5 iOS apps you need on your Apple device in 2016

Apple has sketched its unique print when it comes to application development and application optimization on the phone to give the users something creative, trendy and addictive which lasts a while in the downloaded app list.

Top 5 iOS apps you need on your Apple device in 2016

Apple being one of the biggest companies to exist in a the world, surely knows how to impart services, when to impart services and most importantly, what service to impart.

The Apple App store is flooded with applications developed by numerous developers some making it to the famous list, while some lag behind because of the shortcomings in the core of the concept of those specific applications.

The most fascinating thing about the applications which are being updated in the App Store is that, you will always find something there which has that innovation which it offers to you and makes a head over heels fan out of you.

With the month of June which has already started, we bring to you our personal favorite lot from the various softwares/applications present in the App Store which you must have on your Apple device.

1. Mathpix- Solve and graph math using pictures

If you are a student who is struggling with day to day complicated mathematical equations and cannot stop the process of simplifying them, this app is your savior.

Mathpix is that kind of a legendary app which helps you to solve by visualizing your math by just taking pictures of your handwritten mathematical queries (it works for printed math equations from textbooks also).
The idea of developing this app was to ease the painful and super complicated math equations which can make you go bonkers.

I know the concept of just pointing your phone's camera to equations and getting them solved sounds like a miracle but, yes! this app is in the market and people are loving it like anything. Just don't try to carry your phones to the examination hall. The App store doesn't have an app to save you from that.

MathPix is the app that means you'll never have to do maths again: Point your phone

2. Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark page is the perfect app for you if you have a lot of web development to do. The handy, systematic and convenient features make the procedure of developing web pages easier like never before.

There are three main procedural components for page development in Spark.
Page, Post and Video.
These tools were earlier addressed as Slate, Post and Voice.But Adobe is generally projecting them by branding the components under "Spark" and enabling them with updated features under the new roof.

Can web designing look any easier?

Meet Adobe Spark

3. Hopscotch

Many of us must be super fond of playing games. But what if i tell you there is an app which will allow you to devise your own game. You be the Generator, Operator and Destroyer.

It will be during using this game developing application that you might realize that not playing games but, creating them is your forte.

For all the mobile game enthusiasts get your hands on this one because the world needs you to make games!

Here is a Hopscotch created version of the game
"Geometry Dash"

Make Geometry Dash

4. Gabbermap

Gabbermap is another social network app which is unique in its style which notifies you about the trending places on a map.

You can share the places, cast votes on, and discuss about the descriptions and details of the best locations and events around you.

It can really turn out great for you if you have a thing to discover and explore places near your city or any other city which you might be looking forward to travel.


5. Opera VPN

Opera VPN comes from the house of the Opera Browser. It is a free app coming from the developers of the Opera Browser.

It is such a well balanced VPN that it gives you the power to block adds and change your kind of version to any location.

For example, if some kind of content is restricted in your country according to the rules there, you can use the app to unlock a lot of content (any sort of blocked content to be precise) and put an end to the annoying trackers that keep track of you around the web. The best part of this highly usable app is that it comes hand and is completely free of cost.

Meet Olaf and SurfEasy's Opera VPN app for iOS

Well, these were the apps which we feel should be on your Apple device this month according to the user convenience and innovation brought by them to the App Store.

Feel free to drop your favorites from the month in the comment box as well.