Trump attacks Obama, 'He is a great divider' 'China is the biggest abuser'

Donald Trump said Obama is weak leader and attacked China for 'stealing the intellectual property'

Trump attacks Obama,

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has come down heavily against president Obama, calling him as weak and incompetant  president.
He called Obama a great  divider. "He (Obama) is a great divider. The country has never been so divided ever," Trump said  and  added that  he would unite the country. "President Obama is incompetent," he said in a public meeting Pittsburg

He said weak leadership as the reason for America's economic and social woes.

" We have got weak leaders. We are going to change. We are going to change. We need competent people folks," he said. "American leadership in Washington  have no clue. We have incompetent people in Washington. Like a bunch of dumb babies. The world is laughing. Countries all over the world are taking advantage of us. Mexico, we have huge trade deficit," he said.

"We will build the wall," he said, adding that Mexican leadership are taking benefit of the weak leadership of the US.

He attacked China saying that they are stealing intellectual property of America.

"China is the biggest and best abuser. Mexico is a smaller version of China,"
Trump said  for free trade there needs to be smart people  "I believe in free trade. But for free trade, you need to have smart people on our side. I want to make good deals. I do not want care what you call it," Trump said.
"If they do not behave, we will put tax on them. Chinese tax us. But we do nothing about it. This is one-way street. ...We got ripped off," he said. "
Trump said the country needs to be "tougher, stronger and smarter" to start winning again. A country like Iran humiliated the US, he alleged. "I love negotiating people.

This deal is destructive for Israel and the country... horrible for Israel, horrible for the world, horrible for us," he said.

"We are not going to protect all these nations with massive subsidy. And they do not pay. They got to pay us for our services... They got to help us out," Trump said.

Trump hit hard at Clinton, his Democratic presidential rival, for alleging that he does not has the temperament to be the President of the country.