North Korea praises Trump, says he is far sighted, wise politician

North Korean state media urges US voters to prefer the 'wise and far sighted' Trump over 'dull' Hillary Clinton

North Korea praises Trump, says he is far sighted, wise politician

Many countries and political leaders are wary of a situation where Donald Trump, the presumptive US Republican nominee actually becomes the president of US. Even British premier David Cameroon has expressed his displeasure against Trump. The law makers even debated banning him from entering the UK.

Though Trump  risks the danger of losing many traditional friends of US, he has found support from an unexpected quarters.  North Korea, the obscure self acclaimed 'socialist' country, which all  these years have been a vocal critic of the US, sees Trump as wise politician who is far sighted.

The official daily of North Korea, DRPK Today, wrote an editorial praisingTrump saying that " There are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies. The editorial termed his most likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as 'dull'.

“The president that U.S. citizens must vote for is not that dull Hillary … but Trump, who spoke of holding direct conversation with North Korea,” reads the editorial in the propaganda website.  "It turns out that Trump is not the rough-talking, screwy, ignorant candidate they say he is, but is actually a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate” the editorial said, which many view as the reflection of Pyongyang's official position.

Donald Trump, proposed recently that the US withdraw troops from South Korea, and even expressed his willingness to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

North Korea has been demanding withdrawal of US troops from South Korea and has put forward a proposal before US to sign a peace treaty to replace the truce that ended the 1950-53 Korean war.

North Korea earlier dismissed Trump's proposal to hold talks with them as '' advertisement".

"It is up to the decision of my Supreme Leader whether he decides to meet or not, but I think Trump's idea or talk is nonsense," So Se Pyong, North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, said. “It's for utilization of the presidential election, that's all. A kind of a propaganda or advertisement.”

North Korea, officially known as Democratic People's Republic of Korea was one of the three countries which former US president George Bush refereed to as 'axis of evil' in the State of the Union address in 2002.