Trump running out of money, to fund himself for the campaign

Reports suggest that Trump camp's campaign and communication is facing serious crisis due to financial problems

Trump running out of money,  to fund himself  for the campaign

Donald Trump the presumptive Republican candidate may be grabbing eye ballnas domestically and  internationally. His incendiary remarks on immigrants, and Muslims may be triggering discussions. But reports suggests that this controversial billionaire politician's campaign is punctured by lack of funds. And now Trump says he may fund himself for the race.

New York Times reports that after having "Having swept through the primaries and caucuses with a skeletal campaign staff and a budget funded largely out of his bank account, he must compete against Hillary Clinton, his presumptive Democratic opponent, with only a shadow of the financial and political infrastructure she has amassed".

According to New York Times Trump has not put a single television advertisement  in the general election. Last day he has said that  he might tap his personal fortune to keep the campaign afloat. He disclosed that at the end of the May his campaign ended with just $1 Million in the bank. It is reported that Hillary Clinton at that time had $42 billion in the banks.

Due to financial crunch his fund raising led by Republican National Committee has slowed.

Trump has earlier said that his net worth is $10 billion but how much it is in cash or could readily be converted in to cash.

Election watchers say though Trump is able to attract media attention, it is no substitute for campaign. Hillary Clinton has campaign staff 10 fold higher than that of Trump. More than that her campaign advisers includes experienced people including those who managed campaign for Barack Obama.

More over Trump's communications team is also reported to be very weak.  The main reason for this is that he could not attract seasoned communication experts. One reason being that many of them have expressed deep scepticism. New York Times reports that at least two of the veterans in this field has rejected to join Trump camp fearing that it will have a backlash on their profession in future.

Last weeek Trump has fired his campaign manger Corey Lewandowski. Now the Trump camp is searching for another  manager. But various reports suggest that no important person is lined up to take up the job