US senate rejects plans to tighten gun control

The democrats proposed bill was rejected by the Senate after the debate

US senate rejects plans to tighten gun control

The US Senate has rejected plans to tighten gun controls, including the restriction of weapons sales to people on terrorism watch lists.

Senators strongly disagreed about how to prevent more attacks happening in future.

Republican Senator John Cornyn said: "Our colleagues want to make this about gun control when what we should be making this about is the fight to eliminate the Islamic extremism that is the root cause for what happened in Orlando.

"My colleagues in many ways want to treat the symptoms without fighting the disease."

The bills put forward by the Democrats were criticised by the Republicans and National Rifle Association. They argued that bill violates constitutional rights to bear arms. On the other hand the Democrats did not accept the proposals suggested by the Republicans

The proposed bill came after 29 year old Omar Mateem killed 49 people in Orlando guy night club. Mateem was a US citizen born to Afghan parents.

People in US can be prevented from buying guns if they have mental health issues or have committed serious crimes. But there is no specific ban on those who are terrorism watch list. There 10 lakh people on terrorism watch list.

The debate to weather to have strict control on gun purchase has been going on in US for a very long time

Republicans  argue that more than gun control what is needed is the steps to control Islamic terrorism