VIDEO: Muhammad Ali playing "knocked out" with a kid is pure gold

Muhammad Ali who departed the world today was extraordinarily renowned for his boxing career. The man as a living being believed in many causes and stood up for them which makes him a champion beyond the ring as well. This particular moment of him, playing around with a kid in the ring is just a pure treat to the eyes.

VIDEO: Muhammad Ali playing "knocked out" with a kid is pure gold

People know him by the name of "The People's Champion", "The Greatest" and "The Louisville Lip", the person who defined "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee", Muhammad Ali was every sort of definition giving meaning to sports, society and culture.

The best Heavyweight Champion of all times was a soul beyond a boxer, a fighter and an icon.
His life was comprised of some real gems of moments if we rewind back to the times of his bouts.

This instance of him being with a kid in a ring and fooling around with him will make you adore him more.

The small kid jumps up into the ring and starts boxing Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Ali on the other end takes those blows from the kid surely reflects his aspect of having fun and encouraging the little child which is not a daily thing for big celebrities to do these days.

Muhammad Ali seems to take the knocks from the little child involving himself more by communicating with the little child.
Giving the child, the time of his life, The People's Champion eventually plays being knocked out and leaves a moment of appreciation by marking his gesture to be loved by millions throughout the world.
This is not all. The kid coming up to him after knocking him out and kissing him surely gives all a moment of a never ending "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW........."

"Legends don't live forever, but they surely never die."


We take pride to live in the era, the era which had Muhammad Ali.

Watch the video here:

Muhammad Ali knocked out by a little kid