Video: After odd-even, will India adopt China's elevated bus to beat traffic congestion?

Arvind Kejriwal could take another leaf out of the book of China as it works on implementing the "Transit Elevated Bus", an electric-powered elevated mode of public transport of the future that runs on rails and operates high above ground over two lanes of traffic while cars can drive underneath it. Watch the video....

Video: After odd-even, will India adopt China

After Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal took inspiration from China and implemented the the odd-even policy, here comes another ingenious policy decision to tackle the traffic menace in China. China is the most populous country in the world and it overtook the United States to become the largest car market in 2009. The traffic situation, especially in Beijing and Shanghai is a headache for commuters with accidents a regular feature. Hence, China has come op with the Transit Elevated Bus or TBE. The concept of elevated bus promises to act as a solution to China's traffic woes. Watch the video at the end of this article to know more....

Basically, an electric-powered elevated mode of public transport that runs on rails and operates high above ground over two lanes of traffic while cars can drive underneath it. The idea is the brainchild of designer Youzhou Song who proposed it to counter the traffic jam problem and maximise limited road space. Traffic issue is a major problem in China today with a Wikipedia page dedicated to a legendary traffic jam of the country called China National Highway 110 traffic jam - check it out. This elevated bus can carry up to 1200 passengers at a time while practically taking up no space on the road. The best part is that the Land Airbus does the job of 40 buses at once.

The concept was showcased at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo to much applause of the crowd. A demo bus is under construction to run test rides at Quinhuangdao City, Xinhua News reports. The concept was first introduced by song in 2010 but soon faced criticism for its shortcoming as it posed danger to cars making a turn, changing lanes, or entering and leaving the roadway. Since then the concept has been hanging fire after the excitement waned but has now gradually gained acceptance given the terrible traffic situation in the country.

Ideally, the Transit Elevated Bus should improve the Chinese public transport system, reduce its pollution problems along with reducing traffic congestion. Why India should look into a similar concept is because apart from all the good that the elevated bus concept brings, it is 20% cheaper to build than Metro rail and the construction can be finished within a year. The elevated bus could also have solar panels on the top to run on solar power, minimizing electric consumption.

IS this the future of Public transport? Only time will tell.

Watch the video to understand how the elevated bus or the land airbus would actually work:

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