VIDEO: Shah Rukh Khan spilling life gems at DAIS like the King Khan he is

Shah Rukh Khan marked his presence at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School on the graduation ceremony the school conducted for the students of the 2016 batch. SRK wraps up life wisdom, anecdotes and success in a foil of humor and yet again delivers a speech worthy of appraisal.

VIDEO: Shah Rukh Khan spilling life gems at DAIS like the King Khan he is

Shah Rukh Khan, a name which inspires thousands of people, a name which can make fans go crazy just by the mention at the dining table, a name which surely represents success, hard work and determination by setting up a milestone with his name inscribed on it as an entertainer throughout the world, and has made India proud on several occasions.

One of the admired reasons him being the star that he is, is his manner of addressing people. The way he talks about life, experiences and growth with such class and humor at the same time makes him the king of oration as well. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, this man has something to say which will go and reside in your heart for a while.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School's 2016 batch was paid a graduation ceremony with the witness of this superstar as the chief guest amongst the students, teachers, parents and other jury members of the school. Shah Rukh Khan made an inspiring yet entertaining speech, infusing it with his trademark humour.

Anecdotes from his life (stories about his dad, the gifts he gave him), jokes about himself (how he did Fan right after Dilwale), the "rubbish poetry" he wrote ("exams and rules that sometimes hound you... let me tell you, you all will be successful, let me 'remound' you. Now it was 'remind' but since it didn't rhyme..."), and even a dig at US Presidential candidate Donald Trump - King Khan brought his A-game to drive home his message for the students: feel free to be yourself.

The superstar went on and laid emphasis how it is necessary to be yourself, how necessary it is to do what your heart bids to, how necessary it is to love yourself because once these factors wind up collectively, the journey of life is going to compliment your approach.

Watch SRK addressing the school here:

DAIS GC2016 - Shah Rukh Khan Speech