Virat Kohli aims to be the world's best athlete

Virat Kohli who has won several hearts by his performance and attitude on the field, has decided to become the world's best athlete as Shankar Basu (India and RCB Fitness coach) has revealed Kohli's plan to take up this challenge for himself.

Virat Kohli aims to be the world

Virat Kohli is a name, who has proved hard-work, determination and enthusiasm in the world of cricket. The 27 year-old batsman has claimed many records in the sports of cricket and more importantly has become the favourite of many cricket lovers across the globe.

The style of game which he has infused in this category of sports is definitely different which makes his identity a unique one in this religion-like game which is dear to so many people all over the world.

Talking in terms of fitness too, the Indian Cricket star is by far the fittest in the Indian squad but it seems that it is still not good enough for him as he has expressed the necessity and ambition to progress more in terms of fitness and physique.

Kohli who has undergone a lot of transformation since the first time we saw him playing for the Indian jersey, has been very fitness conscious as it can be seen by comparing the way he looked some years back and the way how he looks now.


Shankar Basu has made statements regarding how Kohli aims to be the best athlete in the world.

Shankar Basu told that Kohli has worked a lot on his fitness, especially his core strength which is visible in the way he bats now.

He strikes sixes and big boundary hits with a lot of ease now, than he used to earlier.

“Virat has decided to become the best athlete in the world and sky is the limit. There a lot of role models ahead of him in terms of sheer athletic abilities and he will never shy away from competition. He will grab it with both hands,” Basu told

Shankar Basu, who has been associated with Kohli in the Indian team and during the IPL season as the RCB fitness coach as well, strongly feels that Virat Kohli will surely raise the bar for himself.

“A lot of athletes will say that they are very lucky to find a coach, but I will instead say that Virat Kohli is an exceptional person, so I was very lucky to have an athlete like him. My association with him dates back to eight years through IPL,” Basu said.

Basu has known Kohli for a long span now and has seen Kohli evolve as a batsman and an athlete, surely believes in Kohli's fitness credibility as the batsman has always raised the bar for himself from time to time accordingly to the demand of the need.

Basu also shared this particular instance, where Kohli's game has proved that he is a believer in raising standards when it comes to his game and fitness.

“Kohli once said that he has to tweak his game as he cannot hit sixes like others. This IPL, he hit 38 sixes which is the most this season and 15 more than his last season’s tally. There is a definite surge in his power." Basu said mentioning the progress which he has shown in fitness which was reflected in his batting attack during this season of the IPL.