WATCH: Adele pays her tribute to the LGBT community

Orlando shooting surely got the US into a state of shock and agony but this attack being more personal to the LGBT community must have petrified the people hailing from the LGBT community. The nation including celebrities and famous names, expressed their support to the LGBT community. Adele also paid her tribute to the community and it will mark a place in your heart.

WATCH: Adele pays her tribute to the LGBT community

Adele paid her tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting and to the whole LGBT community before the beginning of her concert which took place in Antwerp, Belgium on Sunday.

Adele who has won 10 Grammy awards broke into tears before starting off with her performance during her concert in Belgium.

She dedicated the night's performance to the victims who died in the Orlando shooting and paid her tribute to the people of the LGBT community.

The Orlando shooting has turned out to be the biggest mass killing in the history of the US with 50 people killed and more than 50 injured and hospitalized. The attack was carried out at a gay night club, Pulse where many were shot to dead.

People from around the world came to support the LGBT community and Adele marked her presence in the most heart touching way.

“I would like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in Orlando at Pulse nightclub. The LGBTQA community, they’re like my soulmates since I was really young, so I’m really moved by it.”, Adele said followed by breaking into tears.

She also cracked a joke in an attempt to ease the emotions which were coming up during the concert.

“I don’t know why I’m crying already because most of tonight is pretty miserable because my songs are miserable.”

Watch the full video clip here:

Adele Dedicates Antwerp Show To Orlando Pulse club /Rumour Has it

Adele's heart touching tribute is such a delight to watch as it gives a feeling of interdependence among different people hailing from different backgrounds and as such imparts a feeling of unity and common support which needs to sink in the society for the betterment of mankind.