WATCH: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recreates "Tumhe Dillagi" with Vidyut Jammwal and Huma Qureshi

We all have heard "Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jaani Padegi" sung by the legend, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The song has been recreated in a video song swith Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice in it, starring Huma Qureshi and Vidyut Jammwal and it is super addictive.

WATCH: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recreates "Tumhe Dillagi" with Vidyut Jammwal and Huma Qureshi

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) was primarily a singer of Qawwali form of music, the devotional category of music of the Sufis. He is regarded as one of the greatest voices ever recorded on tape and he possessed an extraordinary range of vocal abilities and could perform at a high level of singing intensity for many hours continuously. Carrying the 600-year old Qawwali tradition dwelled in his family lineage, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is widely credited for introducing Qawwali music to international audiences. Because of his exceptional contribution to the art of Qawwali, he is also popularly known as "Shahenshah-e-Qawwali", meaning "The King of Kings of Qawwali".

"Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi", being one of the biggest hits ever, has now been recreated.

"Tumhein dil lagi bhool jani padegi,
Muhabbat ki rahon mein aa kar to dekho,
Tadapane pe mere na phir tum hasoge
Kabhi dil kisi se laga kar to dekho.

Wafaaon ki humse tawwaqo nahin hai,
Magar ek baar aazmaa kar to dekho,
Zamaney ko apnaa banaa kar to dekha,
Humein bhi tum apna banaa kar to dekho."

These lines sung by the late Pakistani Singing Legend, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan can still be felt echoing around in the atmosphere. The way the intricate and emotional song has been composed and then followed by the soulful voice of the legend makes this piece of composition a category in its own.

The song has now been recreated by the sufi sensation and Bollywood playback singer who is also Nusrat Fateh Ali's nephew, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and it surely doesn't fail to live up to the expectations.

The video song has been sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan having Vidyut Jammwal and Huma Qureshi acting in it.
The duo of Salim-Sulaiman have infused the originally Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan compsed music with their style which makes you listen to it over and over again.

This is surely a soulfully recreated track which is going to stay in your list of songs for long!

Watch the video song here:

Tumhe Dillagi Song By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan | Huma Qureshi, Vidyut Jammwal | Salim - Sulaiman