Watch the last performance of Christina Grimmie here

The singer was a former participant in a singing based reality show, 'The Voice', and was shot dead on Friday night after the completion of her concert which was held in Orlando. She was shot by a man after the concert while signing autographs. She was just 22 years old. we bring to you the last performance made by the 22 year-old singing star, Christina Grimmie.

Watch the last performance of Christina Grimmie here

Christina Grimmie, was a former participant in 'The Voice' had one of her concerts in Orlando where she was shot on Friday night after her performance.

The Orlando Police has also confirmed that the man who shot Christina, shot himself soon after being tackled by Grimmie's brother.

The unfortunate incident took place on Monday and the late 22 year-old singer was paid tribute by her fans and admirers on social media with #RIPChristina and #RIPChristinaGrimmie being on top of the trends.

Social media handles went ahead recalling her older clips and appreciating the talent that she was.

This twitter account posted the last performance of the singer before she was shot and departed the world.

Shady Music News on Twitter

This YouTube channel posted the complete performance of the late 22 year-old singing star, Christina Grimmie, and paying tribute to the singer who was loved by many. This clip from Christina Grimmie's concert, recorded right before she was shot dead will always be special in its own way as it marked to be the last performance by the 22 year-old singer who didn't expect life to fall out of her body which unfortunately happened after the concert.

This video has been trending all over the internet marking the talent and performance quotient of the 22 year-old singing sensation who had so much to offer to the music industry in the coming days but her potentially strong journey just wasn't destined to move beyond that night.


Watch her last performance here:

The Voice Singer Christina Grimmie's Last Performance Before Being Shot