Western adulation made India smug in international affairs says Chinese daily

Chinese daily has come down heavily against India reminding that it should understand how major power plays their games in international affairs

Western adulation made  India smug in international affairs says Chinese daily

A Chinese daily The Global Times on Tuesday  said that western adulation has made India a little smug in international affairs. The daily, which often reflects the views of Chinese Communist Party was reacting  to the New Delhi's criticism against China on NSG issue.

"Recent years have seen the Western world giving too many thumbs up to India, but thumbs down to China. India is spoiled.
"Although India's GDP accounts for only 20 per cent of that of China, it is still a golden boy in the eyes of the West, having a competitive edge and more potential compared to China.
"The international 'adulation' of India makes the country a bit smug in international affairs...
"Some Indians are too self-centred and self-righteous." But the daily said " On the contrary, the Indian government behaves decently and is willing to communicate. Throwing a tantrum won't be an option for New Delhi."

The paper noted that it was not just China,  that had opposed India's attempt to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) at Seoul last week.

It said India wanted to be the first exception to join the NSG without signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and this was what China and other countries did not agree to.

"US backing adds the biggest impetus to India's ambition. By cosying up to India, Washington's India policy actually serves the purpose of containing China," it said.

"The US is not the whole world. Its endorsement does not mean India has won the backing of the world. This basic fact, however, has been ignored by India."

"However, Indian public opinion has reacted quite strongly," said the Global Times.

Saying some Indian accusations do not make any sense, it said New Delhi's reaction seemed to indicate their national interests can override principles recognized by the world.

"India's nationalists should learn how to behave themselves. Now that they wish their country could be a major power, they should know how major powers play their games."

The Global Times pointed out that on Monday the Missile Technology Control Regime absorbed India as a new member and denied China's access.

"The news didn't even make a ripple among the Chinese public. The Chinese have become more mature in dealing with these setbacks caused by international relations.

This is second time the Chinese daily has criticised India on NSG issue.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has said in an interview that India can now speak to China eye to eye and he has conveyed India's positions on various issues to Chinese leader Xi jinping  when he met him at Tashkent last week