What do Indians think of Australia?

Australians are great at a lot of sports. They train hard for it, and take it very seriously.

What do Indians think of Australia?

1) The country is huuuuge: Indian's do  think that Australia tucked away from world view, most of the "others" don't realize Australia's size!

2) A Vegemite crazy nation: Indian's understand the meat/barbeque/AFL obsessions (all of which are amazing btw), but vegemite beats me, and beats me hollow!

3) A national sports identity: In the absence of an "old" culture, Owstrayans have embraced an identity built around their stupendous success in sports to great effect. The entire racing+cricket+AFL season you have over there is awesome.

4) How surprisingly close English is:  A biscuit is a biscuit. They are are not cookies or crackers, its a rubber not an eraser, its a capsicum not a pepper, its a prawn not a shrimp.  guess there is something to be said for "olden" English which remained in our lands while the poms have sailed away.

5) There are class distinctions in Australia too: India gets its fair share of criticism for the caste system, Same time Indians  see them in Australia too. It isn't exactly suburban utopia. A middle class guy (let alone a yobo) cannot go sit in a club with the Glamorgan Old Boys network! . While the good old bogan culture seems to be dying.

6) Multiculturalism is a tricky situation for Australia
: Lebs, Greeks, Indians, Pakistanis, Cronulla, refugees, attacks on Indian students (the last of which by the way is totally related to the others mentioned). Is Australia hastening into multiculturalism?

7) Gallipoli and ANZAC Day/Biscuits: Another defining moment in Australian history, a celebration of its brave soldiers plays a very role in its society today.

8) Beer -
Give an Aussie a Foster's and he will hit you on the head with it. #Almosttruestory

9) A streak of rebelliousness: Some call it (the now outdated) Tall Poppy Syndrome, others see it manifest in universal Aussie admiration for Ned Kelly. Think it is a reaction to old world culture, a cool "so what" attitude. Indian's do  like that.

10) The Judges of Masterchef Australia are bigger celebs in India than in Australia. My mother for one, goes nuts watching the show.

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