What is the difference between a mushroom trip and an LSD trip?

'All mushrooms are edible, some only once''

What is the difference between a mushroom trip and an LSD trip?

First off, it's different for everybody. You can probably get a sense of that by reading these answers. Here's what it's like for me.

  • Emotionally, mushrooms have a positive, happy bias to the trip.  feel cleansed and joyful. Acid has no emotional bias beyond a small stimulant effect. You feel what you were already feeling.

  • Mushrooms make me more social. Not nearly to the extent of MDMA, but in the same direction. you will love being around people and talking to people on mushrooms. Acid has the opposite, at least during the majority of the trip.

  • Visually, acid seems to work at a lower level. Shapes and colors swim around. On mushrooms,  more likely to experience effects at the interpretative level. In other words, you see the same thing, but interpret it as something else. Both have geometric effects. Both make colors more intense. Mushrooms make everything look like an impressionist painting. Acid is more, well, psychedelic

  • Cognitively, mushrooms make think about  life and the world from a higher/spiritual/outside perspective. Acid makes you think about everything. Or, makes you think everything. Acid is an onslaught of ideas, pointlessly fast, because there is no medium fast enough to capture them. You're halfway done thinking one thing when two more arrive. you can understand and tear through complexity than  you wouldn't normally have the focus for. Both can be really productive in their own way.

  • Physically, acid makes you want to move more. On acid will make you  feel overflowing with all kinds of energy -- mental, physical, and sexual. Both make you want to be outside in nature, of course.

Same time the common effects are

1. Extremely good music.
2. Very close friends.
3. Good setting (preferably outdoors so you can see nature playing her awesome magic tricks! Also a place where you're assured not to be disturbed by a sudden stranger)
4. Keep all necessary things nearby (water, cigarettes, food, and all else that you may fancy; no one wants to go searching for things while tripping!).
5. Take it with a positive frame of mind, without any woes of exams, work, responsibility etc.
6. Enjoy!

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