When unnecessary honking on roads is a nuisance

It creates a negativeness in that persons minds and his whole day will be ruined if horns are not used wisely.

When unnecessary honking on roads is a nuisance

While waiting at a toll bridge in a queue to pay the toll or waiting for a green signal at a red light, we can hear or see a lot of people honking for no reason at all. Some take it as a habitat they should keep on honking 3-4 times in every 5 minutes. But is there actually a need to horn so frequently??

In many foreign countries like US, UK etc we can clearly find the difference. These people use horns only when it is needed and at urgent times. In UK honking is even considered as an abuse and people try to avoid it.

In Manhattan a fine of $350 is imposed for unnecessary honking. In Maharashtra too fine of Rs 100 was imposed on drivers who honked without any reason last year. Honking unnecessarily should be actually fined in our country. A strict action should be taken against the drivers who honk unnecessarily. Horns are built in vehicles to prevent unnecessary accidents and not to give a head ache or migraine. the noise pollution as well as the tension caused when people horn unnecessarily is really horrible. A persons blood pressure rises when a horn is blown without any use. It creates a negativeness in that persons minds and his whole day will be ruined if horns are not used wisely. And if it is on a morning on the way to office,then the positive energy will be lost.

I personally experience this everyday on my way to office. My colleague drives the car and when an unnecessary horn is blown, he just immediately bursts out in anger and loses his temper which reflects the whole day of his.

It would be rather appreciated if the traffic police took these simple things quite seriously. rather that simply fining the people without a helmet or seat belt(which is equally important) for making money for an evening booze. Why don't they try to solve some of the main issues that makes driving a hell. Places like a T-point needs a traffic police to monitor the smooth driving without causing traffic block and unnecessary honking. If there is a road to the left and as well as a straight road,all the vehicles will be coming and stopping in such a manner that they want to stand in the front row and while trying to be in the front row,little do they realise that the road to the left is getting blocked and creates a lot of traffic jam and honking without any use.

So its high time that the traffic rules as well as the traffic police take their jobs seriously rather than giving penalty tickets at intervals and only coming into light when a traffic signal is not working properly.