When workout is ineffective without balanced diet

Be careful about what you eat before and after your workout. Understand that the trick is to maintain a healthy calorie balance.

When workout is ineffective without balanced diet

Want to lose weight? Understand that a balanced diet and workout go hand in hand. One won’t work without the other. That’s for sure. Well-balanced nutrition and sustained physical activity will help you achieve the desired results much sooner.
In this article, we talk about common nutrition mistakes you might be making, and give you tips to fix these.

Pre and Post-Workout Meals

Be careful about what you eat before and after your workout. Understand that the trick is to maintain a healthy calorie balance. Both pre and post-workout time is the time when the calories you consume will burn fast so indulge is some healthy eating at this time.

Go for all kinds of fruits

If you are avoiding certain fruits because of the sugar content in them (mango,banana, cheeku etc) you are making a grave mistake. Fruits contain natural sugar and these will not spike your blood sugar. Further, fruits contain fructose which is a great help in re-saturating the liver glycogen. Glycogen is one of the most important deciding factors for your body to release energy or not.
Frozen fruits (even frozen veggies) are also equally healthy and nutritious. But don’t go for sugar laden canned options, instead go for frozen one’s, naturally preserved with no artificial flavors.

Calories matter but not singularly

What matters is what you eat. Eating healthy will not only supply you with required calories but also reduce your craving for junk and oily food. Do not indulge too much in deep fried and processed foods as apart from increasing calories such foods also increase the blood sugar level,
which in turn will cause frequent hunger pangs.

Do not shun red meat

Do not remove red meat from your diet completely. When consumed in moderation, red meat is a great source of iron, zinc and Vitamin B12. And all of these are important muscle building nutrients.

Go whole hog for herbs and spices

Apart from giving flavour to food, spices and herbs are great for health. Make these a permanent addition to your cooking. But just ensure that you use little oil.

Say no to sports drinks

A normal person doing a normal workout does NOT need sports drink. Plain simple water is enough. So shun the sports drink and do yourself a favour. More so as the electrolytes in sports drinks do more harm than good, unless of course you are spending several hours in gym.

Avoid fruit juices

A fruit juice is not a very good idea, even if it is real, 100% fruit juice. This is because fruit juices have just about the same amount of sugar as other aerated drinks. Fruit juice is like a fruit minus the good stuff like fibre. Opt for a fruit juice after you have run a marathon; at all the other times go in for eating real fruits.

Consume protein-rich diet

Studies show that a high protein intake is beneficial for body composition, especially in people who are physically active. Protein is also the most satiating macronutrient and your body expends quite a few calories metabolizing it. So, just add more protein to your diet if you want to lose weight.

Don’t fear fat

Avoid man-made trans fats and refined vegetable oils like corn, soybean and others. But do not avoid foods that are naturally high in saturated fat like butter, eggs, coconut oil and red meat… these foods are perfectly healthy! Further, these raise HDL (the “good”) cholesterol and change the LDL (the “bad”) to a benign subtype. Moreover, saturated fat does NOT raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.