Where is the creative freedom? Udta Punjab's censor copy leaked online!

The question is, who leaked it? How did the uncensored edition of a movie, which is awaiting CBFC�s certification, find its way online?

Where is the creative freedom? Udta Punjab

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Reported that the controversial upcoming movie of Shahid kapoor, Udta punjab got leaked online. Whatever the reason behind this incident is really fishy and and real threat to creative freedom
The movie makers behind the movie not responded yet about the incident.

Before the censor board asked to make 89 cuts in the movie and later after lot of drama they agreed to go with one cut.

In what could possibly be a big attempt to sabotage Udta Punjab, in all probability by those who are opposing its release, major portions of the movie (40 minutes) have already leaked online. Meanwhile, some say the FULL movie (with a running time of 2 hours, 20 minutes) is available on certain websites. (We’ll come back to tell you the exact length of the film that is now available on your gadgets. )

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has not submitted the certificate to Udta Punjab producers Ekta Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap yet -- it’s scheduled for 4.30 pm today. However, shockingly, the leaked copy bears the ‘For Censor’ stamp, which indicates that it’s the same copy that’s with the CBFC.

Interestingly, even the ‘single’ scene the Bombay High Court had wanted out -- of Shahid Kapoor’s character urinating on the audience -- is part of the leaked copy.

The film got leaked even before the Central Board of Film Certification was to certify it for release. The leaked version also has the Urination scene of Shahid’s that was demanded by Bombay High Court to be removed from the final version.

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