Why Indian population love shopping malls

The reason is that the shopping activity in India completely depends on emotion, financial ability, intelligent choice, bargain facility and availability. The middle-income Indian group are loitering in the shopping malls around India is a daily chore
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When you think about the shopping activity, you will instantly get attention to the shopping mall. Particularly, if you live in India, then you will witness quite different experience from the western counterpart. The reason is that the shopping activity in India completely depends on emotion, financial ability, intelligent choice, bargain facility and availability. It is true that you will never expect any Indian buyer to buy your product instantly.

Because when they are going to buy a product, then they will first ask for its aesthetic and after that they will ask for the product’s cost. Nowadays, the middle-income Indian group are loitering in the shopping malls around India is a daily chore.
One thing is sure that all Indian visitors to the shopping malls are not the instant buyers. Rather, you can say that they first move around the shopping mall and enjoy its aesthetic architecture and accessibility as well.

After that they will decide on their purpose visit. It is observed that the shopping mall is a hangover zone for the younger and middle-aged population in India. But how they use their shopping mall activity which quietly depends on their instant atmosphere in the shopping mall. One interesting fact is that when you will enter into a shopping mall, then you will feel some kind of coolness immediately which not comes from the air conditioned wind alone but it comes from its truly professional management in the shopping mall complex. Actually, the shopping mall complex is a well-organized localized buyer parlor where the buyers can play with the products and enjoys its aura as well.


It is one of the crucial element of any Indian shopping mall. The reason is that it creates unique identity to the Indian population. Moreover, it always blends with western architecture and Indian imagination. So that you can expect the truly Indian masterpiece in this modern shopping extravaganza. When you look at a shopping mall in India, then you will get the difference in their identity. It is only possible due to the different cultural concept. In every metro cities or semi-urban areas, you will get the different architectural forms in shopping mall designing. It happens due to different attitude towards the people’s lifestyle in its vicinity. Particularly, you will see that the rectangular-shaped shopping mall exterior attracts the maximum footfall over the times.

Even, you will observe that the oval-shaped shopping mall interior attracts better business. It means that the Indian people are prone to happiness, calmness and relaxation which they get from the curvilinear forms. For any shopping mall, oval or curve attract for positive vibration and lesser amount of poison arrow which you will get from the rectangular form. As far as aesthetic is concerned, the Indian shopping mall is uniquely blended with a playful mixture of color and form.

Therefore, in this regard, the Indian shopping mall is an example of highly indigenous sculpture of the modern time. Sometimes, we never give serious look at its interior designing and exterior form. But if we judge it minutely, then our designing concept can be developed with greater perspective.


It is said that Indian are always colorful in their mind as well as their culture. Therefore, big influence also works in the shopping mall color use. Because, Indian always like bright color and contrast view. Therefore, their color use differs from one location to another location in India. You will see the light color and whitish tinted color in the shopping mall of the metro cities, whereas the semi-urban area will give you a contrast color with deep shading as well. Actually, color harmony does not work in India properly.

Because, the Indian always like to use negative pairing in color selection whereas the western people always choose the positive pairing in their color selection. For this reason, you will see some awkward variation in color harmony in the shopping mall painting. It is true that from the buyer’s mind, light color which has white presence, always bring peacefulness and relaxation which is very much needed for accurate product selection. It is observed that if deep and contrast color is seen every corner of the shopping mall, then it will distract the buyer’s mind and selection procedure as well.


In the Indian shopping mall, you will see various selected product display. The reason is that without any variation, you will never excite Indian buyer’s mind as well. It is observed that the placement of product showcase in the shopping mall also give big impact on the buyer’s mind. Because, it creates some space along their movement and decision making ability. In the Indian shopping mall, the placement of the product follows the principle of pyramid.
The reason is that we are always habituated for looking from smaller forms to bigger forms. In this case, the small products are decorated with on the ground level and the bigger product on the upper level. But you will never see any kind of disorientation of product showcase in the Indian shopping mall. It also makes the Indian people more organized in their lifestyle as well.


For the Indian shopping mall, convenience is another name for professionalism. The reason is that it oozes confidence in the mind of the Indian buyers when they visit the shopping malls with their enthusiasm as well. Practically, convenience will be visible in the Indian shopping mall when everything relating to the buyer’s selection and purchase has been fulfilled without any hitch.


You will never see any Indian shopping mall without any food court which adorns its identity and acceptance. Because, you will get the different kind of food facility in its vicinity and moreover, you will get the glimpse of the enigma of Indian food as well. It is observed that the most Indian buyers in the Indian shopping mall always look for the Eastern dishes. Because, it is spicy and mouth-watering as well. Sometimes, they prefer the Western dishes but not in the shopping mall. Rather, they can taste it in any big continental eatery.

Therefore, you will witness the charismatic opulence from generic to rich with great enthusiasm and care in the Indian shopping mall. Moreover, you will never be bored every time you visit them and return back with new experience.