The leader of the cult group among those killed in Mathura violence says police

Mastermind of Mathura violence passes away during the rioting

The leader of the cult group among those killed in Mathura violence says police

Ram Vriksh Yadav, leader of the cult organisation, which occupied government land in Mathura  is among those killed in the violence, said police. Twenty-seven people, including two policemen, had died in the clashes.

Javeed Ahmed, Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh said Ram Briksh Yadav’s supporters identified his body among the 11 other completely burnt bodies lying in Mathura’s Jawahar Bagh. The death toll in the incident rose to 27 people.

“Some of the dead in the Mathura operation identified. Rambriksh Yadav’s body was  identified by his  associates. ” Ahmed tweeted on Twitter.

During the violence, Yadav's hut caught fire due to a LPG cylinder blast killing all the 11 people in the shack which included Ram Briksh Yadav as well.

Another 22 bodies still remain in the mortuary as close relatives or family haven't come forward yet to claim or identify the corpses.

Yadav,  headed the self-made insurgent guild named, Swadhin Bharat Vidhik Satyagrah.

The members of the group called themselves sathyagrahis  claims they are the followers of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. They had bizarre demands such as cancelling elections to the post of president, prime minister etc.

They have been settling in Jawahar Bagh since two years, confining themselves to the 280 –acre government park. Despite repeated demand by the administration and court they refused to vacate the land.

The police began driving them off the grounds after a court ordered to evacuate the government land. But the cult having highly sophisticated weapon started  attacking the police and killed two officers, one of them being the city Superintendent of Police.

Politically the violence lead to a war of words between the opposition BJP and Bahujan Samaj Party against the ruling Samajwadi Party.

Bomb squad and forensic experts have been to the site to collect samples and to look for furthers clues in helping the probe.