10 Best Food Pages to Follow on Facebook

If you're a foodie and aren't already following these Facebook pages, here is what you have to do. Read through this list on best 10 food pages on Facebook to ensure you are not missing anything.

10 Best Food Pages to Follow on Facebook

Hear all foodies! If food is what you live for or is you’re passionate about cooking these food pages on facebook, are going to be your new addiction. Here’s a list of 10 food pages to follow, immediately. You can thank me later!

  1. Tasty

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This is my personal favourite Facebook page, it is run by Buzzfeed. They post videos of cooking food in the yummiest and easiest ways. Cooking seems like an easy task after watching videos posted on Tasty.

  1. Food Porn

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If your favourite pass time is to look at food and all kinds of it, in different shapes sizes and textures, this is the perfect page to follow. Let me warn you beforehand, following this page may lead to cravings for food on a regular basis.

  1. Good Food

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Lavish Gourmet recipes, news about Masterchef Australia and images of ravishing food platters.

  1. Fine Cooking

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Sure they share recipes and photos of cuisines all over the world, but this is specially recommended to meat lovers. Majority of their content is recipes of non-vegetarian dishes.

  1. Eat Treat

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These guys claim that their page will change your world forever in just one bite. They may be exaggerating a little bit but the food pictures, videos and recipes will change a little something in you.

  1. Passionate About Baking

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 15.58.14

The name speaks for itself. If you’re all about baking you must follow this site. All those with a sweet tooth should give this a try. There’s much more that the world has to offer, and this Facebook page will bring it to your screens.

  1. PBS Food

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Recipes, nutritional information and updates on renowned restaurant around the world. It’s the ultimate food page for all kinds of food lovers the ones who like to cook, the ones who love to eat and the ones who want to know about the food they eat.

  1. Bon Appétit

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They live up to their name, scrumptious food all over. Along with recipes of food and instructions on DIY food instruments, they also advice on food budgeting and food related news updates like how Prince George adorably ordered a cake.

  1. Real Simple

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Want to know the simplest way of making the tastiest dishes, this is the page you should go. For beginners and veterans alike, there is something everyone can take away from Real Simple.

  1. Food52

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From starters to main course to desserts and beverages, this page covers it all! It even reviews kitchen equipment, food utensils and instruments. This is your ultimate guide to everything that is related to food. They have some really unique recipes, the ones that caught my eye was a recipe to burn calories.