10 Movies of Shah Rukh Khan which are “Inspired’ by Foreign Films

Bollywood has always had a bad name when it comes to producing original content; here are some of Shah Rukh Khan movies that have been copied from foreign films.

10 Movies of Shah Rukh Khan which are “Inspired’ by Foreign Films

It is no secret that the Bollywood industry has taken “inspiration” from Hollywood, for many of their movies. In spite of our filmmaker's attempts to hide the truth, many of the Bollywood movies have partially or completely copied international movies. This process has been going on for a long time to become the very nature of the Hindi movies.

Khans of Bollywood have received the love and attention of their fans from all over the country. Shah Rukh Khan, who has started his career with the television show

Fauji is now called the “Badshah” (king) of Bollywood. Here are some movies starring Shah Rukh Khan that have copied themes and ideas from foreign films:

  1. Fan

Fan                          The Fan

Let’s begin with his recent release. There were rumours that the story was slightly based on an instance from SRK’s own life. However, later it was found that the movie
was a copy of an American movie The Fan. That’s right, they didn’t even bother to change the name. Trailer of both the movies are rather similar too. The only core difference between the two is that in the America version of the movie, the celebrity figure was a sports player and in the Indian version the celebrity figure was an actor. Well, Shah Rukh Khan was not only person who has worked in movie that has been plagiarised. A Telugu movie from the South India was also produced under the same name.

  1. Chak De India

Chad De India!                  The Mighty Ducks

Lets move on to his another blockbuster, Chak De India. Technically, there are many generic stories in the world from which a variety of stories evolve. It still does not justify the fact that
Chak De India
was extremely similar to the Hollywood movie, The Mighty Ducks. If not all of it, some of the most important scenes of Chak De India bore much resembles to the scenes in The Mighty Ducks.


  1. Mohabbatein

Mohabbatein                Dead Poets Society

Do you recall the movie in which Shah Rukh pretended to play violin and asked his students to fall in love and forget all about education? Yeah that movie too was a copy of the late Robin Williams’
Dead Poets Society.
We do have to take a moment here and realise how ironic it is that Robbin Wiliams has acted in a movie named “Dead Poets Society”.

  1. Josh

Josh               West Side Story

There are not many movies that starred Shah Rukh and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together. The duo, has appeared together, as siblings in Josh. It was a rather different story from the mundane romance and drama genre. But it was not an original piece of work either.
was a copy of an old classic West Side Story.


  1. Yes Boss

Yes Boss                 For Love or Money

As entertaining as it is, the movie Yes Boss is basically an Indianised, extra emotional version of For Love or Money.

  1. Badshah

Badsaah             The Mask            Rush Hour

I suppose this is where he gets his nickname from. Speaking of ‘Nick’ names, this movie was not a copy of any movie, it was a mixture of many movies together. These movies include,
Nick of Time, Rush Hour, Mr. Nice Guy
and The Mask. I would have said “stop them if you can”, but its not late now.

  1. Main Hoon Na

Main Hoon Na              Matrix

Who doesn’t love this action-packed, yet comic movie? It has been one of SRK’s best works so far. This movie was as original as Bollywood gets. But it is said that old habits don't die and this movie which could have been an original piece was spoilt with none other than the world famous bullet-dodging scene from the world famous
Let’s appreciate the fact that it could have been similar to Mission Impossible, but the producers successfully fought the temptation.


  1. Baazigar

Baazigar              A Kiss Before Dying

“Haar ke jeetney waley ko Bazigar kethey hain” (The one who turns his failure into a victory is the real winner). And the one who skillfully made a foreign movie into an Indian movie is called a copycat. In this movie Shah Rukh is depicted as a brave and valiant hero just like Robert Wagner was shown in
A Kiss Before Dying.


  1. Darr

Darr              Cape Fear

Yet, another one of his old-time box office hits. Darr was inspired from the movie Cape Fear. Both the movies were based on a psychopathic lover.

  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

DDLJ              The Sure Thing

Who would have thought that this all time blockbuster movie that broke all the records by running in theaters for 20 years was not original. This legendary film was influenced by the movie The Sure Thing. In both movies, a girl is shown to have planned a trip and falls in love with a guy, whom she meets on the trip.

Probably the only thing that is his own in DDLJ is his unique hand gesture, where he stands in a 130 degree angle with his arms wide open to hold the actresses running towards him. Or is that copied too?