10 Reasons why Republican candidate Donald Trump could be worst US President Ever

The United States, world�s oldest democracy, is currently embroiled in one of its greatest political crisis ever, as the count-down for US presidential race begins. Democratic Party�s Hillary Clinton is going to face Republican Donald Trump which is likely to end up in an easy victory for Mr. Trump.

10 Reasons why Republican candidate Donald Trump could be worst US President Ever

Chances of Donald Trump’s rise as US’ President in the US Election-2016, endangers  the liberal space in US, say commentators. They fear a reign of terror and imperial policies will be followed under the Trump administration. Here are 10 astonishing facts, you need to know, why Trump is likely to end up as US’s worst president-ever.

1.Donald Trump is not realistic

His slogan has been "Make America Great Again" but whether he will even try to deliver on his promises is a veritable question. People really don't know what Trump will do once he becomes the US president; that's if he becomes. Trump has said things, made promises but has never explained them or how he will deliver. He has never explained what making America great actually means. Talk of building walls to keep out people is just not realistic and Trump has not been consistent even in his speeches. This could be deliberate as he is a salesman. Sales is all about setting the mood or manipulating. Trump has till now only blown his own horn and that's how he has been all his life. The fact that he has filed for bankruptcy four times is a scary fact for a man who dreams to run the country.

2.Trump has a notorious business past

Even before making his entry into election campaigns, he was notorious for his shady business deals. Trump has been under the scanner of law, before he started his million-dollar campaign. Despite, many allegations have come up against him for his dubious business deals, Trump has managed to escape the arms of the law due to his close access to those who call the shots in Washington. An unauthorized biography on Donald Trump, had alleged, the millionaire and many of his companies did business with some New York and Philadelphia families, which have cose ties with Mafia.

3.Trump’s charity record is questionable

Trump is known to be one of the notorious misers among world’s billionaires. He even failed to file his income tax returns, say his critics. Does US really need a President who is not even willing to file his tax returns?

Some of the major allegations against this celebrity billionaire are:

(a) He has inherited huge amount of wealth from his successful and enterprising father.

(b) Most of his money today has been accumulated because of his celebrity status, not due to his business talents.

(c) Many courts have declared him bankrupt multiple times, which means he has made stupid financial decisions. Given, these realities, how could such a person guarantee wise decisions for America and its people.

4. Trump is a Racist

Not only Trump has said on Twitter that blacks and Latinos commit most of the crimes in the US, he has also favoured Europeans over others on citizenship. His tirades against Muslims have earned him the status of a demon in the Islamic world. Trump needs to answer some of the charges against him like what made him to disrespect racial minorities in US.

5. He’s too impulsive

A senior US justice has recently blamed Trump for having no control over his tongue. Trump’s speeches and public appearances give us a feeling that, he blurts out what ever comes into his mind. A US President cannot afford to be easily carried away by emotions. A president has to be rational and should compromise on many issues. Trump’s craze for publicity has landed him on trouble on many occasions.

6.Has no understanding of world politics

Having lived a roller-coaster life in his lifetime, Trump has no real political or diplomatic experience. His self-promotion and greed could make him take disastrous decisions, endangering the future of US and our planet on nuclear weapons, reactors, carbon emissions etc.

7. No political standing

Unlike former president’s like Clinton or Bush, Donald Trump has no political experience. He has never contested in elections or worked with government officials. He is not used to giving political speeches, and makes speeches into hate-speeches, which has made him a darling of media. But, it will be an uphill task for him to learn the basic etiquette of democratic exchanges of dissent in Parliament. Critics, say, if he doesn't mend his ways, he will turn Parliament dysfunctional with his actions.

8. He is media phobic

Donald Trump’s attacks on media are notorious. He charged at the well known Fox News host, Megyn Kelly, many times. He has called her names, which was not expected from a presidential candidate. On many occasions, he has dabbled with the US media. If he doesn’t change his style of handling the media, his political career is likely to be in danger.

9. He’s intolerant and insulting

Trump’s rise puts shadows over US’s achievement's in women’s rights, racial and religious equality etc. Known for his conservative views, Trump is a major threat for democracy and justice. Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked women rights, minorities, and immigrants. Clearly, his victory will be a set back for US, which created history by electing its first black president Obama last time.

10.He has a shady character

Donald Trump is known for his egoistic and self-centered personality. He has never showed any respect for the poor or racial immigrants of US. He has received ire of people abroad, for displacing them to make way for his mansions and golf courses. He has shown grudge against the homeless poor in US, and a clear preference for the rich in his election campaigns.