20 year old Sikh man reacts after facing racism at Wimbledon and thrown out of queue

A sikh man was asked to leave the queue to watch the Wimbledon tennis championships and the explanation given to him was that he made others around him "uncomfortable." He has reacted on Facebook after facing racism and has garnered a lot of support.

20 year old Sikh man reacts after facing racism at Wimbledon and thrown out of queue

20 year old Govindpal Kooner, a Sikh who wanted to watch the Wimbledon tennis championships came in for a rude shock when he was thrown out of the queue for making other people feel "uncomfortable", whatever that is supposed to mean. Now he has reacted on Facebook against the racist treatment he faced during the overnight camping queue for Wimbledon’s centre court. Cases of racism have spiked after the Brexit or Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU).

The post states: "Kicked out of the overnight camping line for centre court Wimbledon line 'because you (...) make some people around you (...) uncomfortable, so we're gonna have to report you and ask you to leave immediately."

He says all he wanted was to "peacefully chill and patiently await an opportunity to re-enter the hallowed grounds."

He goes on to write: "Post-Brexit racism and the overt rise of neo-fascism; a titanic and heartbreakingly huge misunderstanding; people just being ignorant and plain (but inexcusably and unjustifiably) stupid?"

Many Social media users responded to his post his post saying he should report the "discrimination" to police. At the end of his posts he asks how to go about it: "Please advise how best to report this." Govindpal insists he did nothing that would warrant being thrown out off the grounds, was not intoxicated, loud or aggressive and had not been previously warned about his behaviour.

It is believed that the reason he was asked to leave was because he was wearing a turban and he was colored.

"While I was in the queue, I befriended other people who were alone and we started talking. None of them gave me the body language that would indicate I should stop talking. I only spoke to people adjacent to me and everyone was fine," Metro quoted him as saying.