5 Natural Skin Exfoliating Remedies

Give your skin a break from chemicals and heal it with these home made skin exfoliators

5 Natural Skin Exfoliating Remedies

Skin exfoliation is an essential part of maintaining clean and healthy skin. In this day and age, factory made, chemically induced skin care products are at your disposal. Face wash, soaps and scrubs can be found in every grocery store, a few steps away from home. But are these products as beneficial? Do they treat our skin with care?

These products may deliver their results as promised; however, using them always has a down side to it. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are cheaper, healthier, just as effective and most certainly are the better option.

Given below are some natural skin exfoliators that you can try preparing and have a salon-like experience at home. Maybe you could call a few friends over and eat cucumbers off each other’s eyes, while you’re at it.

  1. Honey, I’m home!

Mix some brown sugar with honey and squeeze a lemon or two. Mix the ingredients properly and get scrubbing in no time. This is one of the easiest and the most effective skin scrub. All the ingredients added to it have great exfoliating properties due to which they are widely used in homemade and factory made skin care products.

  1. Green tea please!

Add a spoon full of dried green tea leaves to olive oil, mix raw honey and sugar. It is advisable to use brown sugar, however, white will also suffice.

  1. Its raining berries!

All you need for this face exfoliator is coconut oil, dried blueberries and white sugar. This powerful duo of blueberries and coconut are the ultimate anti-aging, face-cleansing remedy you need.

  1. Caffeine fix!

Ground coffee, coconut oil, brown sugar and a dash of honey if you will, are the ingredients that go into making a home made skin exfoliator. Coffee is a great for reducing inflammation, cellulite, wrinkles, eye-puffs and more.

  1. 99%

Blend half a cucumber and add some honey, lemon and sugar to the paste. Apply as you please, for glowing and supple skin. The mixture also helps remove acne and pimples.

All the home remedies provided above can be stored and used later. Kindly, refrain from using ingredients that you may be allergic to.