6 amazing food items that help you build muscles (bodybuilding foods)

Are you looking to build your body but don't happen to know what to eat to increase your muscle strength and size? Presenting foods that will help you grow strong muscles.

6 amazing food items that help you build muscles (bodybuilding foods)


Chicken Breast


One of the most loved foods across the globe, chicken breast can be eaten as a whole as well as shredded. It helps in the rapid growth and repair of muscles. They have proteins and contains very low fat. Chicken breast also improves health of the bones and helps maintain balanced body weight. A single serving size can be quickly marinated and cooked.



1/4 cup of dry lentils consist of 120 calories. Consuming lentils will ensure you get sufficient energy for training,  resulting in strong muscles. They contain cholesterol-lowering properties  that are good for a healthy heart.

Greek Yogurt


It is loaded with vitamins and minerals. 1 cup of yogurt can fulfill your daily vitamins and minerals requirement. It has vitamin D and calcium that strengthens your bones and muscles. Try them without sugar, if you are trying to lose weight.

Cottage Cheese


This type of cheese is a must for your bodybuilding diet list. It has Vitamin B12 that helps in building up the red blood cells. Since it is a slow-digesting protein food, eating it before sleeping will provide the body a constant energy source.



They contain more proteins than an eggs. 1/4 cup of almonds contain almost 8 grams of protein. They keep your brain active and healthy. They are very low in cholesterol and sodium.  They contain high levels of Vitamin B which is necessary for good metabolism which improves body composition .



Bananas activate your digestive system for an entire day. They are a powerhouse for fiber and potassium. Begin your day with bananas and see how your energy levels soar, putting an to muscle breakdown. Bananas contain Glycogen which is an important source of energy the body.

Best of luck guys! Try to include these food in your diet to grow strong muscles and bodybuilding.