8 Health benefits of Bottle gourd or Long Melon you did not know

Bottle gourd, also known as 'lauki' in India has many health benefits. This vegetable's juice, if taken in the morning, is remedy to many bodily problems.

8 Health benefits of Bottle gourd or Long Melon you did not know

Note: Avoid using bottle gourd or its juice if unbearably bitter

Healthy Hair

It is a natural remedy for preventing premature greying of hair. You may massage your scalp with bottle gourd juice to treat dandruff and maintain lustrous hair .

Weight loss

It keeps the body nourished and limits appetite. It is advisable to drink its juice in the morning on an empty stomach. All you need to do is scrape the skin and mix the chunks in your blender. You may add a pinch of pepper for taste.

Improves Digestion and treats Constipation

The fiber and minerals present in the veggie help in digestion and fighting constipation. Its high water content makes the digestive system free and active, resulting in relief from the constipation.

Healthy liver

It reduces liver inflammation and acts as an alkaline mixture that gives relief from the burning sensation in the urinary passage. It is the best remedy for people who are suffering from diarrhea. It also treats other urinary problems by cleansing body toxicity.

Coolant for the body

Due its high water content,  the vegetable helps in cooling down the body during the summers by restoring the water lost through excessive sweating. It controls the body heat and keeps you hydrated.


It treats sleeping disorders. Drink bottle gourd juice mixed with sesame oil for a peaceful sleep. It works as an effective stress reliever as well.

Healthy Heart

It reduces the blood pressure and reduces the heart problems. Some people develop heart diseases due bad lifestyle and diet routines. Drinking gourd juice will keep your heart healthy by keeping your blood pressure regulated.

Flawless Skin

Since the juice acts as a cleanser inside our body, it promotes good skin by keeping acne away and removing the excessive oil from our face.