Al Qaeda attacks military base in Yemen

Eight security personnel and six militants were killed when militants, dressed in army uniforms raided a military base in Yemen�s city of Aden.

Al Qaeda attacks military base in Yemen

About eight security personnel and six militants were killed on Wednesday in a terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda on an army base near the international airport in Aden, said military officials of Yemen. Two suicide bombers laden with explosives in their cars, attacked the Solaban base and blew up themselves, a statement from the military said. After the initial attack, militants dressed in military uniforms and armed with rocket-propelled grenades stormed the base leading to bloody clashes between military and militants, added officials.

Al Qaeda group, operating in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the attack, said military intelligence. Local authorities have closed the Aden airport, following the attack.

Officials have termed Wednesday’s attacks in retaliation for recent government attacks on rebel bases in south Yemen. Terrorists have killed more than 140 government and military officials in last seven months in Yemen including the governor of Aden.

About 42 people were killed in suicide bombings in the country last week alone.

Al Qaeda controls large areas of southern and eastern Yemen, and are engaged in a bloody battle with government forces, which has claimed the lives of more than 6,400 people so far.