Apple's iOS 10: Smart, classy things everyone is going to love about new Apple software

There are plenty of new features, some weird quirks, and bugs here or there (it is beta after all).


Apple just gave everyone the opportunity to try out its public beta of iOS 10, and it's a big update to its mobile operating system.

There are plenty of new features, some weird quirks, and bugs here or there (it is beta after all).

But after giving it a test drive, we found a number of cool features that just about every Apple fan is going to love.

The lock screen has a lot more information that you can instantly access.

Instead of the old style where you might see a single notification and that's about it, iOS 10 gives you a bunch of widgets right on your lockscreen so you can do more stuff quickly.

You can check the weather, see what's next on your calendar, or even call one of your favorite contacts right from this screen. Or you can search for something you need.

It's also fully-customizable, so you can ditch the default apps for news from The New York Times, photos, or one-click access to your music.

Everything on your lock screen is also on your unlocked phone as well.

You can instantly view whatever you're browsing on your computer right on your iPhone.

This is definitely one of the most useful features I found.

Say you're browsing a website on your computer but you have to head out the door. You might copy the link and put it in your note-taking app or text message. No more.

Now, you can instantly pull up what's displayed right now on Safari and take it to go.

Interestingly (and this may be a bug), my default browser on my Macbook is Chrome, and even though the phone says it's grabbing the website from Safari, it grabbed my Chrome browser.

To try it out, double-tap the home button and click the "Safari" tab on the bottom.


Your phone will now automatically tell you exactly where you parked your car.

Have you ever walked around the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium for about an hour searching for the car that you could swear was parked right towards that back area?

Well, I have. And it's totally not fun.

Fortunately, iOS 10 solves this common problem by remembering where you parked your car, automatically.

Instead of snapping a picture of your surroundings or jotting down GPS coordinates in notes, iOS 10 will remember your car's location anytime you stop at a place other than your home.

You no longer need a third-party keyboard to send your favorite GIF to your friends on iMessage.

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