It won't be iPhone 7 but iPhone 6SE, and you can buy it on...

News is that the next iPhone set to be launched in September 2016 by Apple will not be named the iPhone 7 but iPhone 6SE. Find out the reason behind this move...

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We have been hearing a lot about the next iPhone by Apple set to be launched in September and here comes another news. Reports suggest that the new iPhone 2016 will not be termed the iPhone 7 as was earlier believed. Rumors have it that we will be getting the iPhone 6SE instead. The reason behind this is that because Apple has not redesigned the chassis, it has stuck to the iPhone 6S moniker., citing sources in China, reported on Monday that Apple has already produced packages with the "iPhone 6SE" branding.The name seems to be a combination of the 6S range and its entry level range, the SE. We have reported earlier that iPhone does not plan to make major changes in the upcoming model, saving it for its 10-year anniversary next year.

It makes sense as Apple would not want to lose face by launching the new range - iPhone 7 - with no bells and whistles. However, Apple's typical naming conventions and release patterns are contradictory to this rumor.

Another rumor has it that the new iPhone will hit stores on 16 September. Evan Blass, who is well known in the technology community for product leaks, has tweeted the dates on which the next iPhone will hit stores.

Also, according to, Apple could possibly be releasing not two but three new iPhone models in September 2016. An image leaked on China's Weibo shows that Apple could launch three iPhone models : 4.7 iPhone 7, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and another similar sized iPhone 7 Pro which would feature a dual camera on the back. If the image is anything to go by, then the iPhone 7 Pro will also come with the three-dot smart connector for accessories.

Nothing can be said for certain until Tim Cook takes the stage this September and officially launches the new iPhone range of smartphones by Apple. Rumors and speculations have been doing the rounds regarding what to expect from Apple as far as the upcoming iPhone models are concerned. Reports have suggested that Apple is planning to drop the universal headphone jack and the home button.