Arvind Kejriwal visits Dalit victims of Una thrashing incident

Kejriwal said the culprits must be punished in such a manner that it should shake their hearts
Arvind Kejriwal

A days after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi met Una dalit victims, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Chief Arvind Kejriwal on Friday met the injured victims, who were violently thrashed by a group of “cow protection” vigilantes.

During his visit at a hospital where the victims are being treated, the AAP chief slammed the Gujarat government for not taking appropriate action.

“Those culprits must be punished in such a manner that it should shake their hearts. An example must be set here,” Kejriwal said.

After meeting the four victims of flogging at Civil Hospital, Una, he further took on Gujarat government stating that the administration did not act at time because it was hinted from “above”.

“They were thrashed in full public. If such incident is happening in the presence of administration then it means that those culprits were backed from higher powers. It hints that the government was involved,” Kejriwal said.

He added, “Gujarat government is anti-Dalit”.

Four Dalit youths were flogged in full public view at Mota Samadhiya village in Una, by a self proclaimed cow protection vigilantes for skinning a dead cow. The video of flogging appeared on July 11, that sparked uproar among the Dalit community in the state.

Prior to his visit, Kejriwal on Thursday said an atmosphere of “oppression” prevailed across the western state and that people of all communities were threatened.

Kejriwal in a video message released here asked the people to “unite” and raise their voice against what he called the oppression of the state.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had also visited Una district to meet the family of victims.