Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Aziz Ansari: First Indian Actor Nominated for Emmy

Shifali Singh | July 16, 2016 12:44 pm Print
He has been nominated for his acting in the comedy segment as well as for writing and directing Netflix comedy show 'Master of None'

Finally, an Indian has made it to Emmy. Stand-up Indian comedian Aziz Ansari has made history by being the first Indian and the fifth South Asian to get nominated for the Emmy Award. He has been nominated for his acting in the comedy segment as well as for writing and directing Netflix comedy show Master of None.

Both creators, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, admitted that their pessimism almost had them missing the nominations.

They confessed that they had decided not to watch the nominations and continue working, as the crew is currently busy writing scripts for the second season of the show.

However, to their advantage, they found themselves celebrating four nominations. What followed was a room full of ecstatic people, surprised at the results, informing their family and friends of their recent achievement.

Aziz and Alan took this opportunity to talk about racial discrimination in the showbiz industry.

They conveyed that the show is rather personal to them and that it was overwhelming to see how many people resonate with the show. Aziz said many a times, actors of different origins face discrimination. There have even been instances when white actors and actresses were chosen to play roles for coloured characters. More often than not, tokenism is practiced in the industry, where a handful coloured artists are hired only for the sake of displaying diversity.

The team had submitted their “Parents” episode to the Emmy judgement panel for the writing and directing segment. Parents of both the creators had starred in this specific episode and, therefore, it holds a special place in both their hearts. This Asian duo has proved that whitewashing different cultures and producing “all white” shows are not the only kind that gain recognition.

In one of his interviews, Aziz suggested that they prefer to stay mum about the second season of Master of None as they did for the first with the hopes of receiving similar response from the audience, where they would just tune in to watch the show without any expectations or anticipations.