Badshah Covers Sorry by Justin Bieber

We feel sorry about the new Hindi cover of the Justine Bieber song 'Sorry' by Punjabi rapper Badshah.

Badshah Covers Sorry by Justin Bieber

The famous Punjabi rapper, Badshah, who rose to fame after his chart busting song 'DJ Waley Babu', recently did a cover on the Justine Bieber song 'Sorry'. The cover is a hindi version of the song and is not as pleasing to the ears as the original song. The song starts with Badshah singing "Galti to galti hai galti ka kya ab to ho gayi. Par kyon hansi wo tere chehre par se kho gayi."

Some of the lyrics that Badshah has re-written in Hindi are out of sync and may not seem very good to the people who have become used to listening to the Justin Bieber's original. Another disappointing moment was when we realised that the chorus, however, remained the same. Badshah could have gotten creative with the chorus. Badshah deserves some credit as this is the artist's first attempt at covering an English song. There are not many Bollywood singers in the industry who have had the guts to do the same. Covering an english song and re-writing the lyrics in a different language is no piece of cake, even if it does not sound as good.

Nonetheless, even though the lyrics may be appealing to some, the music and Badshah's voice is quite melodious.

It also has to be pointed out that youngsters residing in metropolitan cities in India may have heard the song by Justine Bieber, but for many in India. It would be the first time they ever listened to 
(Hindi version), though over the years, Justine Bieber has made fans in some of the most rural and unconnected parts of India. For all you know, like many other absurd songs, which didn't seem to have the potential but made it anyways, this cover may also gain recognition and deem entertaining enough to make it to the playlist and be requested on radio stations.

Music is a subjective concept. We'd let you be the judge of this cover. Here's is the song Badshah has created with Justine Bieber's famous song Sorry: