Barcelona hopeful that Lionel Messi will deliver for them in the season

This optimistic mood on Messi and his form was was expressed by Barcelona coach Luis Enrique

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi’s national team career may be over after the 2016 Copa America final loss to Chile . But his club in Spain Barcelona is confident that in the new season Lionel Messi will be doing what he does best scoring goals. And the legal troubles in Spain would not deter him to shine on the field . This optimistic mood on Messi and his form was was expressed by  Barcelona coach Luis Enrique who said  he has no doubts that retired Argentine star Lionel Messi is ready for the new football season as usual.

Enrique is convinced that issues that have nothing to do with football will not affect the performance of the Argentine, who had a judgment of 21 months in prison issued against him in recent weeks over charges of evading the payment of taxes of $4.5 million, reports Efe.

In the first press conference of the 2016-17 season, the coach said Messi’s decision to end his international career does not concern him and believes that it will have a positive side effect on the player who will focus solely on Barça.

“It won’t hurt Barcelona, as it means fewer and fewer trips to matches for Messi,” he said.