Benefits of Castor oil

Let us reap some benefits from Castor oil. Now we would definitely want to keep at least a bottle of it.

Benefits of Castor oil

Castor oil is basically a colourless to very pale yellow liquid oil, obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. This miraculous oil has not only medicinal benefits but also health and other benefits.

Here is a short list of miracles we can benefit from castor oil:

It boosts hair growth:


If you are in need of a thicker hair, this oil would certainly help your hair to grow as you always wished. If you are suffering from dandruff or dry scalp, castor oil is the best solution. It repairs the split ends. If you want thicker eyebrows and beautiful lashes, you may dab this oil with a cotton swab. This oil is rich in Vitamin E.

Helps with skin problems:

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Fungal diseases like ringworm, athlete’s foot and tinea cruris which means crotch itch can be treated by applying Castor oil with cotton ball and for larger areas, with a piece of cloth. Similarly, sun burn, warts, yeast infections, fungal infections and acne can also be treated with castor oil.

For good sleep:


Who wouldn't love a peaceful sleep just by lying on the bed. Well, Castor oil has the power to scare your insomniac devils. Apply the oil on your eye lids and do not let in your eyes. This remedy is the best when your sleeping schedules are unorganized and get ready to sleep longer.

Younger looking skin:

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It delivers the best results for a youthful looking skin. Castor oil prevents the wrinkle and helps in the elasticity of skin for pregnant women. Applying this oil thinly on the skin to act as a moisturizer. Women can substitute oil with make up removing lotions.

Soothes joint/arthritis pains and soreness:


Mix some turmeric powder with castor oil and apply it on the body. It will surely ease pain. Store the remains by refrigerating in a zip locker. A heating pad or hot water bottle would help to soothen the joints. Rub the castor oil in case of soreness or aching in calves or thighs.

Makes the bowel movements good:


Castor oil can be consumed directly or by mixing it with juice for pleasant- tasting. The intake would be: 1-2 tbsp for adults, 1-2 tbsp for children aged 2 to 12 years old. Children under 2 years shouldn’t have more than a teaspoonful at a time. It detoxes your intestines but do not forget to limit the intake.

Now we know why a bottle of castor oil should be kept. With these benefits listed, who would not want to keep one.