Better ways to cut down calories

Your diet routine needs a change so that you can lose more calories.

Better ways to cut down calories

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Limit the nuts

Nuts' mixture

They do have healthy fats but let us not forget the calories that are loaded in these nutty snacks. They are considered healthy as they contribute to fat loss. How about carrying just a handful of them while going for walks or watching TV?

Start Healthy

Swap your morning Coffee Mate with skimmed milk, sausages with bacons and cakes with doughnuts. Replace whole milk to a glass of skimmed milk to cut an intake of 96 calories. Use sugar-free jam on your toast or sandwich.

Sandwich contents in the bowl of salad

Try having your sandwich like salads. How do you do that? Well, set aside the toasts/breads and just have the delicious fillings. Doing this, your mundane salads changes into a yummy healthy snack sans the toppings!

Fruit juice or fruit?


If you are not adding sugar to your fruit juice, you are doing a great job! If you are, remember, you are adding up calories too. Let your juice be sweet naturally.

Sorry Margarita lovers

Just 18 ounces of Margarita can add up lots of calories. It's good as a full stomach-filling meal! Instead, try these cocktails with low calories-  Tequila with Ginger Ale , Tequila Sunrise and Paloma.. or be a little late for the Happy Hours?

Drink before you eat


Water is a life saver. Drink a glass of water and see how you are not eating a lot. Chew your food slowly for proper digestion. I am sure by doing you will cut down your calorie intake.

Black coffee


Black coffee contains half of the calories compared to coffee with milk. However, do not exceed the moderate intake (1 to 6 cups)

Sleep for complete 8 hours


Sleeping more will make you eat less. When you are awake you tend to eat more and feel the hunger pangs. So why not get a complete sleep and burn calories.

Are you thinking of the calories that could've been avoided?