UP: BJP holds statewide protests against BSP

The BJP is demanding the arrest of BSP general secretary Naseemuddin Siddiqui and other leaders for taking part in a protest where foul language was used against BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh's wife and his daughter

UP: BJP holds statewide protests against BSP

A day after BSP workers and supporters took to street against former BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh's remark in Lucknow, the BJP on Saturday held demonstrations across Uttar Pradesh against abuses hurled by BSP workers at the wife and minor daughter of Daya Shankar Singh.

The party has asked all its district units to stage demonstrations under the banner of 'Beti Ke Samman Mein, Bhajpa Maidan Mein,' meaning 'For honour of a daughter, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is on the streets'.

To escalate the issue, state BJP leaders are set to meet Governor Ram Naik. They will demand the arrest of BSP general secretary Naseemuddin Siddiqui and other leaders who took part in a demonstration on Thursday where foul and threatening language was used against Swati, Daya Shankar Singh's wife, and his daughter.

BJP general secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said BSP supremo Mayawati should show the same resolve in the case of Siddiqui that his party did in dealing with Daya Shankar Singh.

"We showed Daya Shankar the door after he made disparaging comments against Mayawati. Now it's her turn to show that she also cares for the honour of a minor girl," the BJP leader said.

Mayawati had reportedly defended the conduct of BSP demonstrators, saying it would make him (Daya Shankar Singh) realise what it feels like when your daughter or sister is insulted.

A BJP leader said: "We are for honour of every woman and will not take lying down the humiliation heaped on a minor girl by the BSP leadership."

Swati and her mother-in-law have already lodged an FIR against Mayawati, Siddiqui, state party president Ram Achal Rajbhar and secretary Mewalal for using foul and objectionable language against their family.

Daya Shankar Singh caused widespread outrage earlier this week by characterising Mayawati's ticket distribution for her party as worse than the conduct of a "prostitute".

The comments triggered huge protests in Parliament, with Mayawati saying "his (Daya Shankar Singh's) remarks apply to his sister and daughter, and not me. The whole country will not forgive the BJP… people will come on the streets".

The BJP was quick to apologise and sack Daya Shankar Singh.

However, the situation became a tit-for-tat on Thursday when BSP workers used the same kind of offensive language against women that they were protesting against being used for their leader Mayawati.