“Black Lives Matter”: UAE and Bahrain issue “special alert” for US travel

UAE and Bahrain embassies issued a �special alert� for its citizens on Saturday to avoid places of demonstrations when travelling to US, following protests by �Black Lives Matter� activists, reported state news agency WAM.

“Black Lives Matter”: UAE and Bahrain issue “special alert” for US travel

UAE and Bahrain embassies have issued fresh warning for its citizens travelling to United States on Saturday.
The UAE embassy has issued a “special alert”, cautioning its citizens to avoid mass demonstrations in the US, in the wake of violent protests by “Black Lives Matter” activists in Washington on Friday, said state news agency WAM.
Bahrain embassy also issued a similar advisory on Twitter to be “cautious of protests or crowded areas.” Bahrain has urged its citizens to contact embassy officials on helpline number, if they face any emergency situations and be “cautious of protests or crowded areas.”

Bahamas has issued an ‘advisory’ on Friday, advising young men to be cautious, while staying in hubs of protests in US. All Bahamas people have been advised to take extreme caution, when they interact with the US police.

Arab nations fear that their citizens could be targeted easily by angry mobs due to the current racial tensions in US. The protests, which began following the Dallas shooting has spread to more cities. US president Barak Obama has cut short his Spanish trip to visit Dallas next week to pacify the angry black mobs.

A UAE national was detained by US police at gun point in a hotel at Cleveland in Avon last week. The hotel staff mistook him for an Islamic State supporter for wearing traditional Arab attire. The Mayor of Avon, later apologized to the UAE national, saying that a false allegation has been lodged against him. The UAE citizen, was rushed to a hospital, where he recovered later.
The US officials later said that, the incident should have been avoided. Following the incident, US Deputy Chief of Mission Ethan Goldrich has been summoned by UAE officials. Later UAE embassy issued a warning to its citizens not to wear traditional clothes, outside the Arab world.
The incident has been reported widely in the Arab world by media leading to a public apology from the US officials .