Blackberry secured apps via cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure

Blackberry takes to cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure for running wide range of apps.

Blackberry secured apps via cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure

BlackBerry Limited announced using cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure which is open and flexible to run a wide range of apps. "More of its secure enterprise mobility solutions will make use of Microsoft Azure", revealed BlackBerry. The platform's has good dynamics feature makes it distinct, claimed the company.

It will allow enterprises to install the "Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform" by BlackBerry through Microsoft Azure in order to to assemble a wide range of bussiness apps which would include ISV apps and custom-developed apps.

"With BlackBerry's Good Dynamics now becoming part of the Microsoft Azure platform, we continue to help protect customers' data and enhance our ecosystem of business-critical apps," said Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, Developer Experience and Evangelism and Chief Evangelist, Microsoft, announced in a press statement.

"As we work side-by-side with Microsoft we are providing customers with a breadth of new options to enhance and increase their mobile security," said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry." By utilizing Good Dynamics through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, customers now have more flexibility in their deployment of BlackBerry´s industry-leading solutions. Blackberry customers, now need not leave other modes of user experience or introduce more complexity into their environments, added officials about the key features of the technology.

Through the Microsoft Azure platform, enterprises have been able to install and manage their "BES12" deployment, said the company, adding that this new feature  has come into existence after March 2016.
This would now allow the customers full access to their "BES12" licenses at the same time they can benefit from the Microsoft cloud architecture. Now on there is no need to to invest in their own IT infrastructure.

Good Dynamics is also integrated with "BES12" for secure holistic end-to-end capabilities and is available in the Good Secure EMM Suites from BlackBerry, added officials.


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