Breathtaking video of Empire State Building struck by lightning

Watch an incredible video of Empire State Building lightning video here.

One of the world's tallest  buildings in United States was  struck Monday by  a powerful lightning. This rare and incredible moment of nature has been captured by the amateur photographer and artist Henrik Moltke.

The artist said he was fortunate enough to record this magnificent and rare moments in nature. Officials said, this was the one of the rare moments such a magnificent scene has been recorded. Henrik Moltke has uploaded the video of the lightning today in You Tube. It has already received the appreciation people from various parts of the world.

Watch the incredible moment of lightning striking the building here.

Empire State Building is a major landmark dotting New York's buzzing skyline. Standing tall on 102-story massive area, the Empire State Building also has the dubious distinction of attracting powerful lightning al over the year.
To protect the massive building from the powerful lightning, a resistant-lightning rod has been placed at the building, said Building officials.

They added, the massive actually gets struck at least 23 times in a year.  However, it is the one those rare occasions that some one has recorded the rare spectacle in camera, said the Building officials.

The building is now considered as a masterpiece architectural marvel in the world. It is also  listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places in the US, according to the official website of the Empire State Building. It takes more than half an hour to reach the top of the building using an elevator.

The CBS Sports reported that adverse weather has led to postpone today's scheduled match between the Mets and Cardinals at New York's Citi Field. Parts of the road network also affected as the Long Island Rail Road had to suspend operation due to wind and falling of trees.

Weather station added that New York can expect high humidity and temperature over 90 degrees in the weekend.