Brexit: Its implications in the World and the Indian economy

The Brexit effect will never feel immediately. Rather, it will be felt after the five years of hibernation. During this time period, Britain will be inactive and invisible in its action
David Cameron

Britain’s exit from European Union is a new irritation in the world economy. The reason is that nobody knows that in which direction, it will take its shape and acts accordingly. Moreover, you can feel that Brexit is a kind of democratic makeover for a nation which gives a unique vision towards the unknown frontier. You should keep in your mind that Brexit is a new process of self-dependency of a nation. Moreover, it is clearly think that it will make Britain more vulnerable to their own chaos between its people and institutions. But you should also keep in your mind that it will never break Britain but it will winnow out the anomaly from the nation. It is good for Britain for the future.

The Brexit effect will never feel immediately. Rather, it will be felt after the five years of hibernation. During this time period, Britain will be inactive and invisible in its action. Actually, Britain will work without any fanfare at all. It is true that it will make it more polish for their entity, accomplishment and credibility to its people and the world as well. Initially, you may think that Brexit will break Britain. But in the reality, it is a new form to build Britain in a new format which will make it good for the future.

Always keep in your mind that Brexit happens due to free thinking, ardent need and foresight of English people. They know that they have to break the jinx of over-dependency on European Union. Therefore, they took this drastic decision for their good future. Initially, it will break and repair the society at the random pace. But after that it will back to the normal process steadily as well. Moreover, one thing is sure that the political atmosphere of Britain will be changed forever. Even, Britain’s Foreign policy will follow the new route and it will make the way for exclusively for British people.

From the World economy point of view

If you think that Brexit will give negative impact on the world economy, then you are wrong. The world economy consists of the several nations. Therefore, the little wave from Britain’s shore, will give a little irritation on the world economy for a short period as well. It will happen due to the several economically powerful nations who are attached with the world economy. Rather, you may think that the rest of the nations will unite to protect themselves from this sudden wave from the British shore. But one thing is sure that European countries will feel the heat of Brexit and it will concentrate within European circuit only.

It is true that it will stay for not so long period but will be felt within three years from now. Because, Brexit happens by the British people and for the British people. Therefore, any non-British will face the music in that country. The British natives will search for the jobs within their own country where the immigrants who are occupying their jobs due to their skill. But this time will be a different mental game for the immigrants who are living in Britain for the generations with the British people. Here, you should keep in your mind that Brexit is not for asking economically freedom but it is asking for full freedom from anything.

From the Indian economy point of view

As far as Indian economy is concerned, Brexit will never give any harsh impact on it. The reason is that Indian economy follows the macroeconomics whereas the British economy follows the microeconomics. Therefore, the British economy depends on products and its services whereas the Indian economy depends on production and productivity as well. In this matter, the Indian economy has extra advantage over the British economy. Therefore, you should not worry for Brexit as well. One interesting thing is that the Indian diaspora in Britain will face the ultimately heat over the time.

It is sure that the mediocre Indian diaspora in Britain will face harsh reality. Because, they will face the stern mental game which is highly aggressive in nature and effective as well. But the talented Indian diaspora will survive this heat in Britain. The reason is that they will know how to turn it into their favor. So it is interesting to see how they survive it from now. For the Indian economy, it is a boon in disguise. Because, some handful numbers of Indian diaspora will return to Indian shore and they will concentrate on their motherland to share them expertize which they earn over the years in their staying in Britain.

It is true that Brexit is only for the British people and they will know how to tackle it. Moreover, we should concentrate on our own national economy in such a way that another Brexit could not happen anymore.